Episode 159

From the Old 90's Era to Cup Years, Which Blackhawks Should Have Their Number Retired

Todays podcast is on which Blackhawks should have their numbers retired. Last week on Twitter I saw an interesting discussion on numbers. This has also been something I spoke with a few people about.

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About the Podcast

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Chicago TomaHawk: A Podcast on The Chicago Blackhawks
We are a podcast about The Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. We provide honest analysis of the team, provide NHL-wide hockey news, and a written column for the network.

About your hosts

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Mike Prieto

Mike Prieto is a longtime Blackhawks fan. He has played recreational hockey for fun and loves to follow the Blackhawks. 1 of the reasons he started the podcast was to give Blackhawks fans what he thinks they deserve, honest reporting on the Chicago Blackhawks that is not influenced by the team.
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Matt Raisutis

I started playing hockey when I was about 7-8. I played goalie my whole minor hockey career . When I wasn’t on the ice I was out in the street or on playing inline hockey at a rink . I’ve goalie coached for 4 years now . I’ve been a hawks fans my whole life . My dad had season tickets when I was a kid . It’s one of my favorite memories, going to hawks games with my dad up in 320. After I graduated In 2005 , I got my own tickets and owned them till about 2012. It was awesome to see the team build a dynasty . I love talking hockey and hockey history . I hope you enjoy our podcast !!